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Hello everyone! Well since we hit the 10,000 page view mark and are almost at 250 members I wanted to say thank you to everyone! We will be doing a tag chain, just post on this journal an artist you like and I will feature two of their pieces AND two of yours! Get your name and work out there and help a friend out too, Let the recognition begin!


Also don't forget about this months Full Moon Challenge for a chance to be our monthly featured artist!

1) SethFharlay :iconsethfharlay:
- "Direwolf" Series…
- "The Bright-Eyed Boy"…

2) Agawaer :iconagawaer:
- "Howling Ozarks"…
- "Rougarou"…

3) QuebecoisWolf :iconquebecoiswolf:
- "Duty"…
- "Blood Money"…

4) Wolfy-Biter :iconwolfy-biter:
- "Alex"…
- "The Beauty of the Beast"…

5) KaminariMana :iconkaminarimana:
- "Half-Breed"…
- "Fear the Dark"…

6) W-Lupus :iconw-lupus:
- "The Island of Wolves"…
- "Sneak Peak"…

7) XenoFrobe :iconxenofrobe:
- "Stones in the Stream"…
- "W-Lupus, Kelirin Collab Pt. 4"…

8) LightInMyMind :iconlightinmymind:
- "Duskrise"…
- "Star Fall"…
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Group Info

Werewriters is a group for people who love to write or read about werecreatures. It can be anything; essays, fanfiction (that include WERECREATURES), humour to horror, anything were can be posted here.

Thank you to :icondogboy09: for the image used in our icon!

You may submit any art or stories that include werecreatures. This includes fanfiction and fanart, but it MUST have a main plotline including werecreatures. You may submit a maximum of FIVE pieces a day.

All of Deviantart rules apply to this group, obviously.
Any and all art MUST include a werecreature.

*WerewolfNobody was the original founder. Where she had put her image, I changed it to my link since I took her place as founder. Most admins will be suitable in place of my link, with few exceptions. For instance, if it says something about the other admins and ~LucarioWolf5 it probably has to be the founder.

:bulletgreen: Anyone may join, as all requests are automatically accepted.

:bulletblue: You may submit any art or stories that include werecreatures.
:bulletblue: This includes fanfiction and fanart, but it MUST have a main plotline including werecreatures.
:bulletblue: Any and all submissions MUST include a werecreature. Exceptions will be deleted from the gallery.
:bulletblue: All submissions are automatically approved, but will be reviewed by ~LucarioWolf5. If deemed inappropriate, irrelevant, etc, it will be deleted from the group gallery.
:bulletblue: Co-Founders are able to review submissions, but must contact ~LucarioWolf5 if they are considering deleting it.

:bulletred:All of deviantART rules apply to this group, obviously.
:bulletred:Try to get along :)
:bulletred:If a member is harassing another member, just note ~LucarioWolf5 and they will be warned. If they continue to harass, they will be blocked.
Founded 3 Years ago
Jun 17, 2010


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222 Members
232 Watchers
11,465 Pageviews
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Featured Artist

:bulletyellow: March's Featured Artist :bulletyellow:

His winning piece : "The Witness on the Hill"…

" I had two choices, get arrested or run... I chose the latter. Sprinting down the row of alleys, I knew I couldn't outrun them forever so I made a quick left and quickly pried open the first basement window I found. I dove inside just as the sound of footsteps rounded the corner and sighed with relief as the sound of the police passed. However, just as it seemed I was home free, a huge pair of arms wrapped around my torso. My blood ran cold as a deep gravelly voice whispered in my ear “Well, well, well... what do we have here?”

Interesting story that took a great twist with the initial prompt, definite potential of evolving into a bigger project, nicely done!

Please go check out his page and support his artwork here:
"Of Skies to Conquer":…
"The Next Phase":…
"Hunter's Thrill":…





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WolfpackDragonfly Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Holy frik!  FEATURED!?!  D8  I...I...
WolfpackDragonfly Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Who are you people?  How did you find me?  What is this place?  When why where...wolf?  (Ba-dum tish.  XD )

Seriously though, you guys want to add my work to your gallery?  :iconiloveyouplz:
Hi there! I was just browsing were-related stuff on dA and came across your work and I enjoyed reading it very much! Of course we would love to add your work, if you have any other were related pieces please feel free to upload them. If you want to connect with other werecreature writers or just see more writings you can join the group no problem!
WolfpackDragonfly Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well, what you found was the beginning of a story of mine focused around a werewolf main character.  And I have posted the next chapter for it, plus I'm putting the finally touches on the one after that and should be putting it up soon.  If you want, I can note the group links to stuff about the story when I post them.

However, I'm going to turn down your group invitation.  No offense, but your Breeding Program folder just makes me uneasy.  Thanks for the offer though.
WolfsBane99 Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Planning to make a Blood Moon's Dawn into a trilogy. Any questions you want to ask, ask me on my profile.
Johnithan Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just added something for the February contest. Am I too late?
Yup! I actually moved the deadline back a few days too. And I must say I love how you add pictures to every one of your entries!
Johnithan Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, okay, thanks. I prefer to add a picture mostly because it helps to kind of helps to liven it up a bit.
Hello and thank you for featuring chapter five of my work ^_^ it was very nice of you :hug:
also I don't want to spam but you took Chapter 5 so I thought I would upload chapter 1 should I start slowly uploading the other chapters or just wait?
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