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It had been two days since the disappearance of Wolfenstien13 and after all of the death on the ship it, few people spoke of the disappearance.  It had been almost too weeks adrift at sea but there was still no sight of land, no sight of any other ships, even no airplanes in the sky just wide blue Pacific sky and sea.  The remaining five on the ship had no clue weather Wolfenstien13 was the second wolf or the wolf was still among them.  Either way none of them trusted each other, they spent time with each other to keep an eye on each other, the only times they left each others sight was when they went to the restroom or when they slept.  

That day was different however, the blue sky started to fill with clouds and a mountainous storm front was brewing on the horizon. The five survivors battened down the hatches, but nothing prepared them for the storm that struck that night.  Twenty meter tall waves smashed into the Lupa, smashing windows and pulling deck furniture into the sea as rain poured down in buckets. All five were camped out in the bridge, trying in vain to steer into the waves as everything that wasn't tied down flew from side to side. All eyes were on the waves but all minds were on PieIsAGamer, his suspicious accusations of Wolfenstien13 had been suspicious, but his frequent 'bathroom breaks' were enough to make the already on edge survivors convinced.

Suddenly a massive wave smashed hard against the port side of the ship, shattering the side window and sending a torrent of seawater into the bridge.  The five were swept from their feet but it was PieIsAGamer who was swept away in the backwash, clinging to the window frame he shouted for the others to save him.  Those that could have saved him refused as he was torn from the frame and swept away into the seas murky depths, never to be seen again.

It was near daybreak when they all retired away to their bunks, each of them keeping the improvised weapons they had made in secret close.  Each lay awake for many hours, some thinking of the man they had let drown was he a wolf or was he innocent? Was Wolfenstien13 the other wolf or was he also innocent?  The guilt wracked thoughts continued till a loud bang and gut retching screaming tore through the silent night... they had all gotten their answers.  

None would leave their bunks until nightfall, each barricading their own doors, thinking of nothing but their own survival. It was near daybreak the next day that the first of the three survivors braved the outside world, only to find the scattered remnants of PhoenixSpeed strewn about the halls. As the three survivors gathered the pieces of their fallen comrade and tossing them overboard a low rumbling could be heard.  Suddenly a small twin engine plane flew directly overhead, circling the derelict ship it tilted its wings, the international sign of acknowledgment before flying away once more.  Help was on the way but the wolf was still among them, it only had a limited time and each knew it was going to strike soon... could the survivors take down the wolf? Or would the wolf prevail at the end of the day?

Sorry about the delay but last three!! Who will win???
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Group Info

Werewriters is a group for people who love to write or read about werecreatures. It can be anything; essays, fanfiction (that include WERECREATURES), humour to horror, anything were can be posted here.

Thank you to :icondogboy09: for the image used in our icon!

You may submit any art or stories that include werecreatures. This includes fanfiction and fanart, but it MUST have a main plotline including werecreatures. You may submit a maximum of FIVE pieces a day.

All of Deviantart rules apply to this group, obviously.
Any and all art MUST include a werecreature.

*WerewolfNobody was the original founder. Where she had put her image, I changed it to my link since I took her place as founder. Most admins will be suitable in place of my link, with few exceptions. For instance, if it says something about the other admins and ~LucarioWolf5 it probably has to be the founder.

:bulletgreen: Anyone may join, as all requests are automatically accepted.

:bulletblue: You may submit any art or stories that include werecreatures.
:bulletblue: This includes fanfiction and fanart, but it MUST have a main plotline including werecreatures.
:bulletblue: Any and all submissions MUST include a werecreature. Exceptions will be deleted from the gallery.
:bulletblue: All submissions are automatically approved, but will be reviewed by ~LucarioWolf5. If deemed inappropriate, irrelevant, etc, it will be deleted from the group gallery.
:bulletblue: Co-Founders are able to review submissions, but must contact ~LucarioWolf5 if they are considering deleting it.

:bulletred:All of deviantART rules apply to this group, obviously.
:bulletred:Try to get along :)
:bulletred:If a member is harassing another member, just note ~LucarioWolf5 and they will be warned. If they continue to harass, they will be blocked.
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Jun 17, 2010


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NoelTheChristmasCat Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Had a feeling if a group like you existed I'd get a call. I can definitely pull the "Our werewolves are different" card, but if you think my work qualifies, feel free to add it in! And thanks!
RobertDayson Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Student Writer
So I just realized that I submitted my stories into the wrong folder. Is there a way to fix this?
Moonlit-Rebel Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015
Sure which story and which folder, ill fix that right away
RobertDayson Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Student Writer
The stories are: Grandma's Grave (Parts 1 and 2), Corner of the Sky, and Secrets. I put them in Other Werecreatures, Prose when I should have put them in General Transformation. 
Moonlit-Rebel Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
All fixed! Thanks for letting me know!
56horse Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Student
Hey is this for all kinds of story's? 
Moonlit-Rebel Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015
Hello! This is more geared towards any sort of werewolf/werecreature literature and comics.  If any of your stories has a werewolf character, were-creature themes, or has that as part of the storyline then feel free to add!
56horse Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Student
never mind then. do no where it's a mix media.
Shkeil Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry for the delay to answer. I'm glad you choose my texts for your group.
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